How to Master Time-Blocking with Laser Focus


Let's get into Personal Productivity.

Make Appointments for everything; time-blocking is monumentally important when we're talking about personal productivity. You have to master time-block if you want to achieve your goals.

Most of your day is proactive vs. reactive. There are many studies on multi-tasking that consistently prove multitasking is a myth. There is no such thing as far as getting more done with multi-tasking.

Laser focus is the only way to get real work done. By "real work" I mean projects that are actually moving your business forward versus just doing the same thing over and over again.

I learned 60-60-30 from Eben Pagan, an entrepreneur who owns five successful businesses. You have two sixty minute time blocks followed by a thirty minute time block. Within the sixty minute time blocks, you have 50 minutes of intense focused activity followed by a short burst of physical activity.

Then you get back into another hour time block for 50 minutes on, and 10 minutes off. Follow this with a longer 30 minute period where you're doing something different (checking emails, responding to deals, calling back clients, etc.).

You have to work within your ability to focus at maximum productivity. As you carve out these time blocks in your day, think about the 60-60-30 and how you can work it into your schedule.

Email and cell phone access. If you have an administrative assistant, I would really encourage you to hand over your cell phone and email to your admin. There is nothing productive about the iPhone in front of me; that must be Dan Kennedy's influence on me.

There is nothing in your cell phone that is going to help your ability to design the kind of business you want, and execute on that vision.

Yes, there are times when you need to jump on to respond to an email or call, but distractions like your iPhone will truly limit your ability to design the business and life that you envision for yourself.

At the very least, you have to time-block. You can't start your day by opening your email and letting those emails direct how your day goes.

The first thing you should be doing every day is taking out your Daily Planner, your Dominate Your Day, and carving out at least six hours for those six most important tasks.

I check email about once per day around 4-5pm, but it has been a huge breakthrough to me when I realized there is nothing in email that is going to advance my life at all.

I'm in a different position than many of you, but think about how you can get email off your plate and get your cell phone away from you. After completing your top six important tasks of the day, that leaves 2-3 hours for everything else.

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