Maximize Your Buyer Business With the Buyer Pipeline Report


Even if you're a solo operator, you should start to think about your business separately. Manage your buyer business separately from your listing side. I know most of you have teams, but just in case you don't, make sure you're using this tool here.

The whole point of the Buyer Client Pipeline Report is to ensure that your buyer agents are staying productive and meeting with people. They can just go through the columns and mark down what they've accomplished. Have they met the client? Have they signed with them? Have they viewed properties with these people? The list goes on...but make sure that your agents realize that this is their book of business.

The buyer specialist success tracker has an online component. You can go into Google Docs and set up your own form so it makes sense to you. Then you can share the URL for your agents to go in and enter the client information that they've accumulated over the week. When they enter it into the form, it goes straight into the Google Doc for you to review at any time. This allows you as a sales manager to instantaneously review the work that your buyer agents are doing. 

We don't ask our buyer agents for the number of dials anymore, but you may or may not want to add that back in. You can customize this form to the way that you want it, but we just cut to the chase with this thing. We ask about the number of new buyer appointments and showing appointments. We like to track how many appointments are being set by themselves versus the stuff that we give them to do. 

This is a really simple accountability tool that works really well, and there is no reason you would ever want to change it. Just start using it and stick with it. You may want to tweak a few things, but you don't want to over-complicate it. It should be as painless as possible for your agents because they won't love doing it. Just show them why it makes sense to do this and they will follow through with it.

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