Lead Management: Where the Real Money is Made


Lead management is where the money is made in real estate, and it requires a pipeline mentality.

We use the same process in Top Producer for A, B, and C seller leads, and we do 7-, 14-, and 30-day callback times. We provide useful information along the way, sending bi-monthly education videos through Vyral Marketing. Every one of our seller leads gets out market snapshots as well, which gives them an email from me saying "Hey, check out this new listing that matches your home." It's a great resource for seller prospects.

My blog on May 1 went through our 75-point checklist for home preparation. It's right dead-center with what you're looking for as a home seller prospect. That's the essence of the follow up process.

We also do a seller email drip campaign. There's not a whole lot involved and we keep it very simple. If they're not ready to list, they are either A, B, or C. We then get as much information on their property as you can get. Go through all the details that they will give us and get their permission to set them up for a market snapshot.  You are giving them way more information than they have ever received about the market, so they will turn to you when it comes time to list their home, if not refer you a bunch. At that point, you just need some kind of drip campaign to stay in front of them.

Our email drip campaign is something you have access to. There's no rocket science involved, they are just branded emails that contain the same market evaluation and a testimonial link from a past seller. They all kind of follow the same formula. I wouldn't change this, because these actually get a pretty decent response, I've been using them for the last 5 years or so. I don't necessarily believe that email marketing will generate new business, but it's great for keeping in touch when people just aren't quite ready yet.

We have 9 emails going out, and we change the frequency of when they go out from every 7 days to every 14 days to every 30 days, depending on whether you are 1-3 months, 3-6 months, or 6-12 months out. 

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