Realize Your Entrepreneurial Dream with a Concrete Vision


Your Entrepreneurial Dream

Let's talk about your entrepreneurial dream. This is the time where some of you are starting along this path, and some of you are dreaming about what your finished product will look like. Some of you are managing a business right now that you wish you could start over. This is your chance to do it differently.

It's time to explore how you would change your business if you could untether it from the present reality and create a new company. Having vision is intentionally describing how you want your business when it's fully developed. Your vision is the first concrete step towards your dream becoming a reality. Even if you've done this before, stay engaged and do it again.

A lot of us have been through similar programs, but we're starting with a blank piece of paper right now. Your end game could be different than my end game, but ours is 600 sides in 2016. We want to have 1,000 sides by 2020.

If you do it right you will have a template of how your company will look and act when it's built, and from that point forward you will move toward that vision. There's no doubt that there are hundreds of books about this, but you're probably at a point in your business where you're still doing listings and not able to manage 100% of the time. We have very little time to be entrepreneurs.

Why You Need a Vision -- Other Than It Works

All successful leaders have a vision, and your decisions and strategy depend on it as well as your team and clients. The problem with a vision is that you have to sell it to people in order for them to believe in what you're doing and in order for them to work towards what you're doing.

You must dig inside yourself to find your true vision for your business as you reimagine it. This will then become the blueprint for what you want to create. One of the most important questions you'll ask yourself after you have this vision set is: "how do you get you and your team to act every day in order to achieve your vision?"

Nobody else can align every element in the company to act today like the company will be when your vision is realized. This is a day to day operational reality. Try not to look at where you are today as a gauge for when you want this thing to go.

Your Vision Is Your Commitment

You must feel a deep sense of duty towards your vision. You need to dedicate yourself to making it a reality. You must be certain that every aspect of your vision is true for you, and this cannot be faked. Your vision is already inside of you because it's your dream. Never lose sight of it, or else you will lose track of it. Don't get bogged down in details - this is the time to dream!

Some of you are higher C personalities, so just let this stuff come out. There are tangible aspects to this, but don't worry about them right now. Step out of the manager or technician role and step into the entrepreneurial role right now.

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