Welcome New Client Josh Hisaw

How did you first hear about Lars?
I knew who he was from RATE and NAEA. I did both of those as well.

Why did you decide to reach out when you did?
Josh Hisaw
(Memphis, TN)
Lars started in the real estate business around the same time I did. There's a group of people that I've noticed were on the same trajectory of sales that I was on. Mine stopped, and there's quite a few people who kept going and [Lars] was one of them. I'm having a hard time passing 150 sides.  

How is your business doing right now?
I'll be hitting 200 sides, or very close to it, this year. It's still very rocky and very bumpy. We should be doing 350 sides. We just don't currently have the infrastructure to do it right - we can only deal with people who want to buy or sell now. We don't have the infrastructure for repeat and referral business.

Why did you feel that Lars was the best option for you?
I don't know [laughs]. I knew he hadn't been in the business forever, but based on his sales I knew he was doing something right and I was doing something wrong. He's doing way more than me and he's been in the business maybe six months or a year longer than I have.

What does success with this program look like to you?
Being able to disassociate myself with a lot of the processes, because I don't want to look at them. Just to have everything under control. My sales should be doubled based off the business we're generating, and it should be running smoothly.

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