Take Action to Change Your Listing Business!


Today, I want to cover how you can take action to change your business and your life.

You have to start "marketing" for referrals, the highest ROI you can get! You also want to consider direct mail to Expireds, FSBOs and other low-cost buyer lead listing marketing.

Here are some other ways to take action:
  • Consider Vyral Marketing for video blog and email sequences.
  • Get Market Snapshot and apply to anyone/everyone who has a house.
  • Develop a pre-list packet and start using to pre-sell your services.
  • Get listing presentation and packets completed - no more last-minute appointment preparation.
  • Know your numbers, get KCM and Clarus, and use showing reports.
  • Build action plans and email sequences for listing client servicing (list-to-close).
These are simple actionable tasks that you can do today. They're the kind of things you need to be doing and thinking about if you want to grow your business!

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  1. What would you say is the different criteria and contents between a pre-list packet and the listing presentation packet?