Build a Systems-Dependent Business for Sustained Success


How many people feel like they have organized their business around a personality or personalities? Some people do husband and wife teams. That's not always a great idea. You need to organize your business around specific activities, not personalities. 

People come and go and if your business is people-dependent, not systems-dependent, part of your company leaves with them. I had a person with us for four years, and when she left she wasn't incredibly hard to replace. Personality-wise it was a tough loss, but it didn't impact our business.

If your business is systems-based, you can replace people with qualified people, teach them your systems, and you will not miss a beat. It doesn't mean that people don't bring things to the table, but I think the systems that we have enhance their abilities. 

Be careful of creating ad hoc organizational strategies and positions that could not be duplicated. Roles and responsibilities should be clear and organized. It's okay if you decide in your strategy to put someone in a specific role that they're strong at. After today you all should have a clear organizational chart where you can put names in. Chari and I are both sales managers right now, but we know there is a role there. It's not like I changed the vision I have.

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