How The Lars Group Will Expand Our Presence in 2016


So, why scale up The Lars Group?

There's going to be more opportunity in the way of new areas for customer acquisition, we can also expand the vision of The Lars Group by surrounding ourselves with growth-oriented people, and we can deepen our bench in order to achieve the vision that has been laid out.

This all starts by building a firm foundation. I've gone through this before but it consists of a value proposition, missed opportunity, sharing TLG's DNA, and having a road map for success.

Now let's talk about the expansion model. There's the expansion agent, which is me. The expansion partner runs the local expansion team. The expansion team is the entity that's kind of on their own, and it should consist of at least 3-4 buyer agents and 1 listing agent. The expansion hub is the core business, and the expansion director is in our case is Kyle Kurchhoff.

When this first push towards expansion started happening, a lot of teams were going outside of their local markets, and that never really made sense to me. We're going to expand locally where there are economies of scale, predictability, ability to react, and improved lead generation, which are all really exciting things.

If you look at the map of greater Charlotte, we've probably got 18-20 sq. miles that we serve, but we want offices that are at least 30 miles apart with this new expansion. There are still markets that we don't serve, and Lake Norman is one of them. We've got five active listings there, and the entire area has 1,000 active listings.

The average price point is also $200K more than our price point. We've got the same thing going on in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Lake Wylie, Concord, Gaston County, Union County, and Waxhaw. The fact that there were so many listings that we weren't getting a piece of is a major reason why we're expanding locally.

The cool thing about this is that when I look at the expansion team structure. I'm helping other people build teams with the same tools that I use on my team. My goal is to get these teams up to 100 sides between one admin, 4 buyer specialists, and one listing agent.

Then I shifted a little bit toward a discussion about leadership. In order for us to make this shift with these satellite offices, we need to create strong leaders. So, here is a quote from Vince Lombardi: "Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile."

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