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Let's go through Growth Tools real quick. If you've played around in Google Drive and gone through my strategic plans that I've uploaded there, I've done this process based on the older version of the book. The newer version has completely replaced the old version. Don't even read The Rockefeller Habits, go straight to Scaling Up.

You can look at what I've built here, but the power is in going through the process using the free tools they've provided on their website. So these are all of them. There's three people tools, four strategy tools, two execution and two cash tools.

The 4 D Framework is using drivers, demands, disciplines, and decisions. The results are 2x cash flow, 3x profitability, 10x valuation, and more time.

The cool thing is -- and I was surprised by this -- it starts with having everyone who's going to help you with this process. If that's just you, that's okay. It's still worth going through this process. Use this set of tools and the book, Scaling Up. This can be part of your Friday strategic time. Every one of you should be taking two to four hours every Friday, no matter what is burning around you, and work on your business. This is one of those things. Carve out 60 to 90 minutes each Friday to work and this and you'll have it done in five or six weeks. Thoroughly done.

You start out with People: One-Page Personal Plan (OPPP). Looks at faith, family, friends, fitness, and your finances. Those things you want to start doing and stop doing, the book takes you through all of them and shows you how to fill it out. You can fill out these PDFs, save them, and update them.

We went through the Function Accountability Chart (FACe). Name the person accountable for each function; ask the four questions at the bootom of the page; list Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for each function; take your Profit and Loss (P&L), Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow accounting statements and assign a person to each line item then derive approriate results/outcomes for each function.

As for key processes in the company, we listed: lead gen, listing lead conversion, buyer lead conversion, new agent training, listing process, buyer process, recruiting, database and referrals marketing, team engagement, and performance evlaution. Assigned KPI's and people to those.

Strengths, weaknesseses and threats is a cool exercise. We went through seven strategies. On the words you own mindshare, we struggled with this one because I wasn't sure I wanted to be known for these words.

In the Sandbox and Brand Promises box we had core customers, products and service, brand promises, and KPI's. Big Brand Promise Guarantee (Catalyctic Mechanism) - we're going to come up with satisfaction guarantees, buyer and seller satisfaction guarantees that are going to change the game for us. We're looking at a certified pre-owned home program on the seller side.

Our one-phrase strategy that I think we make happen more so than anyone is "Leveraging systems around people."

Differentiating activities I think is brand and authority marketing, lead generation, agents as expert advisors, specliast model (including real leadersthip in sales and operations), and system-driven lsiting process that's getting better all the time.

X-Factor is really living out our culture, values, mission, vision, and doing more of that every day. Personal development, we care about our teammates. We offer a true Career Track for real estate professionals.

The two economic things that we look at are the gross margin on the list side and buy side and the net profit per transaction. Our BHAG in 10 years is to serve 4,000 families - that's 30% growth for each of the next ten years.

Then it's just filling out the one page strategic plan. So obviously all of you will get. Here's vision, summary, and execution-- who, what, when. This is a cool checklist, The Rockefeller Habits checklist. We didn't get all the way through it but it's a cool page to go through even if it's just you and one of your admins going through it.

The cash acceleration strategies and the power of 1. A 1% increase in price, volume, cost of sales reduction, overhead reduction -- a 1% increase will be exponential on cash flow.

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