How to Increase Production While Spending Time Away from Your Business


Most agents believe that you can't give up evenings and weekends and still be successful in this business. This is like any agent you know. We all think it's a tough business where you have to work these times to succeed. However, this isn't true and there are some solutions to this problem.

The first thing you can do is to set boundaries within your business. You have to realize that business is not that important and there is much more to life than selling homes.

Working hard to be present in everything you do is another solution. Kick butt when you go to work and make an impact on your employees and your clients. You have to work hard in your business, and then when you go home you have to work just as hard to be present within your family life.

The third solution is along the same lines as the second one. Maintaining laser focus is important for keeping your business in your business. Whatever happens at work, you cannot bring that home with you. Your home needs to be filled with love and you have to be committed to maintaining a healthy relationship. If you're on your laptop in bed, your wife is not going to be happy and that relationship will slowly crumble.

Realize that your family doesn't want another sale - they just want you.

Justin Udy is a great example of how someone can back away from the business and focus on life outside of it. I'm really proud of Justin, and he has made great strides in this regard. He began selling homes in 2006 and was doing well, but was constantly maxed out by his business.

He has two children and a wife, and he was damaging his relationship with them. He came to me wanting a way out, and that's what he found by implementing systems and processes that allowed him to exit his business. After nine years in the industry, Justin is now putting his personal goals above his business goals.

He admits that he still struggles managing business and family, but he has taken multiple steps in the right direction. He removed his phone number from the MLS and also actively tries to spend less time anchored to his phone or computer.

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