Welcome New Client Rick Bosl

Rick, how did you first hear about Lars?
I think I met him at an GoBundance event in Tahoe last year.

Why did you decide to reach out when you did?
I’ve been getting his emails -- his newsletters -- for a while. I talked to a colleague that was in the program. I talked to Lars and decided to make a change to plan ahead for 2016.

Could you describe where your business is at right now?
Business has been steady for a number of years, around 10 million a year in volume, but I always felt like I could be doing ten times that.

Why did you feel Lars was the best when it came to real estate coaching?
I’ve been with other real estate coaching programs before, but none of them have the detail systems that Lars has. He lays it all out there, and plus, he’s so self-running, which is a huge factor, too.

What does success from this program look like to you?
Success would be being able to step away from my business, having a self-running team. Along with that goes more money, too.

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