Developing a Leadership Legacy in Your Business


I love this phrase, your leadership legacy. I believe in my heart, that every one of us, as we're speeding through our journey of real estate and growing our businesses, think of a speedboat. A speedboat going through a crystal clear lake, and there is a big wake that this boat is leaving. On one side of the wake is your performance wake, the other side of the wake is your relationship wake.

Every one of us has both. Your leadership legacy is going to be fulfilled on both sides, yes, but I would argue on the relationship side the impact you make on the people who join you for your journey. What kind of impact are you having as a leader in terms of leaving your legacy? Everything rises and falls on leadership, so everything rises and falls on you, and your team is counting on you. Think about your team, personalize it in a deep way to inspire and motivate you to become a better leader.

Always begin with the end in mind, think about what's most important to you. The other day, Dave had that moment of "Hey, what's most important to me?" For him, it was on a plane ride back from Haiti. For you, it's going to be different. But he got there and he set up a system, a process to make the most important thing happen. That is what your leadership legacy is going to be all about.

Some of you who know me know I have a father who just celebrated his 90th birthday. He was a marine who fought in the Pacific in World War 2. Wherever my dad goes, he wears his World War 2 cap and people end up buying him lunch, coffee, whatever. We just celebrated his 90th birthday, and there was a huge line of people that came to see him. My final thought to you would be as you go through your journey, what are people going to line up for at your office when you're done? What are they going to email/text you about, and what are they going to thank you for? That is your leadership legacy.

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