Happy New Year from Real Estate B-School!


Happy New Year to my Real Estate B-School Community, all my loyal followers, and consumers of this weekly newsletter. Here’s another direct, in front of camera message since I’m usually behind the computer.

I just wanted to send thanks and appreciation to you this 2016, and give you a gift. I do this exercise once a year - it’s called The Power of Momentum and Tony Robbins originally introduced me to this exercise.

Print out this PDF and spend 90-120 minutes working on this outside of your ordinary environment. Ninety-five percent of New Year’s resolutions aren’t actually achieved. This reason this is different is that it grounds the resolutions you want to focus on this coming year into 7 Steps that help the changes last.

It goes through examples of things you’ve already accomplished and the steps it took to accomplish those, and then you do a really cool exercise where you project everything good that you want to have happen in your life - in relationships, financially, with your work, spiritual/faith, physical health - and decide which four are the most important and focus on those four. You’ll go through an exercise where you make sure those four things are followed through.

Tony gave me this gift back in 2010 and I’ve been doing it every year, and it really helps build significant momentum going into a new year.

So grab the attachment, print it out, get away from the grind and give yourself this gift to set yourself up for 2016.

Another word of thanks for all the positive feedback on this newsletter. It will go back to normal with more typical content next week.

I just wanted to take a minute here and thank you for your support. Launching this coaching business two and a half years ago was a pretty daunting task. I'm putting myself out there and making these bold claims to teach what I’ve learned in my business to make the path easier for all of you.

We had an awesome year in my business - 454 transactions written for $116 million worth of real estate. We’re gunning for over 600 transactions this coming year, and we have all the systems and people in place to be able to do that.

If you have any interest in taking your professional relationship with me to another level, we offer Real Estate B-School Coaching which is the most unique coaching program that I know of (I may be a little biased). We also have an online program called Real Estate B-School Online that you can check out here.

Kick butt in 2016 and focus on what’s important - your health, your relationships, your faith - and really put that stuff front and center and the work and everything else will follow.

Keep tuning in here, and I’ll give you everything I’ve got this 2016. Much love, and talk soon!

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