One Simple Document to Set, Track, and Meet Your 2016 Buyer Goals


I've created a document called Buyer Specialist Business Building Tools. All of you need to create this document and review it with your buyer team. It's a simple, one-page document. When you open the document, go to 'file' and press 'make a copy' so that you can download the document and alter it. Buyer agents love to complicate their jobs, but this simplifies everything for them.

On a daily basis they should be using a paper version of their success tracker and they should be reporting them to KDNA. That stands for Knowledge DNA, which is a website that tracks goals and metrics to improve their performance. They input results and it tracks their progress. They may not like this but you have to use your leadership skills to convince them otherwise. It takes less than 60 seconds to fill it in every day.

That's the first part - accountability. If your agents resist this in any area, tell them that it's necessary to be a world-class real estate agent. Extreme accountability is absolutely key.

The next thing we have is a buyer agent meeting on Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m., and we focus on training. My agents like this because it decreases the amount of repetition in their schedule. We make it high-energy, and we follow up with personal development training.

We've revamped our process for filling out our buyer info sheets. When we meet with a buyer we like to collect as much information as possible, and we do this with our set/met/signed policy. All of this information goes into the business tracker. We like to track appointments even if you didn't end up meeting with anyone at any point in time.

On a weekly basis, we have a huddle at 9 a.m. on Friday mornings. We do less number reporting and more team building heading into the weekend. We like to 'prepare ourselves for battle' during these conferences. Our buyer agents will be meeting people or holding open houses, and we want to give them some energy going into that.

I recently went to Recruit, Select, Train, Lead & Motivate, which was really cool and the KW people have been telling me to go to that. They implemented a weekly 411 meeting with all of your agents to track their progress. This can be done online or in person, but it should be aimed at improving their personal and professional lives.

Formal quarterly reviews and annual goal-setting strategy sessions are lengthier in time, but they are necessary to give your agents the motivation to keep improving and working hard.

Just make this into a document and hand it out. Tell your agents that this document is their way to achieve their goals. It's very simple but it works.

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