How to Increase Your Appointment Retention Rate


How about increasing the number of appointments held? You struggled with this in terms of booking an appointment, but if you're circle prospecting and calling buyers this is an issue as well. How can we increase the likelihood of that person meeting with us after they said they would meet with us?

Some people want more content delivered to them but remind them why they said yes, especially if it's someone who didn't know you 2 minutes before they said yes. They forget what you said. So, I have an email that goes out right away and talks about the benefits of meeting with you and has a link to a video that says, "Ok, this is what's going to happen next," and have them feeling like they actually made a good decision.

"We're struggling with the ISA right now. Do you think that video would be better if it was you or the buyer agent they're going to meet with?"

I would want it to be me, because I think it ties the whole brand together and would be more impactful. But I know teams that have individual BombBomb accounts and shoot a quick video, so that's a good one. Your agents each have a little camera. Have a deliberate process to acknowledge the appointment right afterwards. It's not a cost issue always, it could be a distraction for some.

When our ISA books an appointment, we want the listing agent to call as soon as possible and say, "Hey, I'm psyched about coming out to your house tomorrow. Couple things I need to prepare the equity valuation, there's a blank here for what you owe on your home," and say, "This is what's going to happen when I come over tomorrow." Having that handoff happen quickly so there is a transfer rapport and all those good things. Anything else?

"I think we need to rethink the way leads are getting generated. One of the things we do, this comes from the car business days, is offer to pay for their gas. We have them come in for a buyer consultation and if they don't like what we provide for whatever reason, we'll fill your car up with gas, shake your hand, and we'll still be friends."

It's so good. It's one of those things I could never say but I just love it. I think it's awesome. Anything else? Kevin.

"You hit it on the head. They forget, they're calling in a sign and that's why they're calling and your intent is to bring them in. The reasons why they are coming in is to get a hold of your exclusive off-market list, all those other great things, then they hang up. They forget that reason. So a couple things we work on every day. One is we have them make a promise. A very simple promise that if there's anything coming up and you can't make the appointment, you'll give me a call and let me know. I have them say it twice. So now they are promising.

They don't get upset?

"No, it's kind of an awkward "Yeah, I promise you," but if you get them to say that, your show-up rate will go up like crazy. Just try it."

I do think having a strong offer, especially for buyers, I mean like old school Craig Proctor, tell them something that they're not getting anywhere else. I still do think that's gold. Make them an offer they know they have to come to you to get it. It's the gold brick.

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