How Do I Prioritize the Functions of My Business?


If you’re having trouble prioritizing your business, then I would look at the business functionally. Consider you marketing, operations, sales, and finances & tracking. 

With marketing you have buyer and seller leads coming in constantly. If you don’t have a problem with marketing, then look at your sales. Are you converting leads there? You have to make sure that your buyer system is dialed in. You want them to follow your system and track their numbers.

Have weekly meetings and check-ins. Firm up your buyer production so you don’t have to waste time thinking about it. This should be your first step. Get marketing, technology, and finances in order and then have your buyer system in place. 

Once those things are in place, you can focus on the listing side. If you’re the rainmaker on the listing side, you want to create a system where you only need to come in and facilitate a small part of the process.

Just like surgeons only come in and perform small parts of an operation, this is what you should be doing. You should only be giving the listing presentations, all other administrative and intake activities should be handled elsewhere.

Once you get going, you can teach your listing presentation to someone else so that it has just as much of an impact as if you were giving the presentation yourself. Pick someone with a good ability to close, because that is really the only thing separating you from them. Your replacement needs to be able to close.

So, the first thing is to get your marketing, finances, and technology squared away. Next, get your buyer system dialed in, and then tackle your listing side so that eventually you can step away from that. 

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