How to Increase Your Appointments Booked & Meaningful Conversations


How do you have a meaningful conversation with someone who doesn’t want to have a meaningful conversation with you?

Scripting. Knowing your scripts and knowing how to get through the initial moments of hesitation is the key to doing this. Your scripts are everything. 

Useful content can also spur a meaningful conversation, or it can be used to initiate one later on. When you host an open house, hand out notecards with a URL to your blog. Allow people that are interested in your service to educate themselves on the secrets of buying in your market. This is a way of beginning a meaningful conversation.

Talking to your network and finding someone that has a need for something is also a way to start a meaningful conversation. Of course, it helps your business, but it’s impactful and it always produces a good conversation while steering the focus away from your business and your aims. 

How can you increase the number of appointments that you book? Hiring better agents, using better scripts, and providing better follow-up and better value propositions. We have also run some numbers and we’ve found that the conversion rates are highest between the 5th and the 8th attempt.

There are diminishing returns after a certain number of contacts, but a follow-up system is essential. You need to know that everyone in your sphere will be run through this gamut. This means that you’ve done everything that you possibly could in order to capture that lead.

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