How This Texas Realtor Will Close 400 Sides While Cutting Costs in His Real Estate Business

"This year we should do about $120 million over 400 sides and it will be very profitable. A lot better than it would be had we not met Lars."

Shawn (Cedar Park, TX) has been in real estate for seven years, and is in his fourth year trying to build a team. His team bounced around other coaches, but found Lars.

"We found Lars as we were really trying to focus on the systems and tools and trying to find more than just sales training," Shawn says. "It made a lot of sense for exactly what we were looking for."
Shawn Culhane
(Cedar Park, TX)

Shawn's team did $60 million with 170 units and a team of 15, but says they just weren't that profitable because of the way things were set up. 

"Last year we did $82 million with almost 250 units. We've got our margins corrected and our expenses under control, so we're set up really well right now thanks to a lot of the things that Lars preaches and teaches. This year we should do about $120 million over 400 sides and it will be very profitable. A lot better than it would be had we not met Lars."  

"The main difference with Lars' program as opposed to a few of the other coaches we've been involved with is that his (program) really revolves around the business, not necessarily the sales training," Shawn says. "When you're trying to build a team and a business and a very profitable one, there's more than just scripts and learning how to convert a buyer lead."

Shawn is also in the B-School Boardroom, almost for as long as he's been involved with Lars.

"It's been really cool. It's been probably the most beneficial thing for me at the level we're at. A lot of high-level ideas are shared there and tested there before it may be brought out to the regular group."

Shawn said that the system has freed up plenty of personal time, and that he could actually leave the business on its own for a month and it would continue to run just fine. 

"I used to work from 8am to 8pm or midnight back when I was a single agent. My time is definitely more free with setting up the tools and systems the proper ways that Lars advises."

Shawn advises just getting to know other people in the B-School group. It's invaluable, he said. 

"Great value can be had in just networking with the other members and bouncing things off of them, and having them help you with your journey and vice versa. But also, Lars has it set up where you can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you want with the group," Shawn said. "I'd suggest speaking with and getting involved more with the group. As much as you put into is what you'll get out of it."

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