What Are You Avoiding in Your Business?


I’m going to go through this one slide. I want you guys to play all out for this. This is one of those times where a lot of you check out, and this is not the time to check out. At least three or four of our Boardroom members are certified high-performance coaches. These team leaders thought highly enough of this work to go get certified to become a high-performance coach.

Play along here. Go to the question box and type out some thoughts to these questions. Tell me what courage means to you, and about a time in your life you felt you were really stepping up. Are there any areas of your life, or people in your life, that you feel like you are backing down from or avoiding? I find this a lot with team leaders and their teams. They don’t step up and lead and confront their buyer agents that aren’t putting in the effort, aren’t answering the phone, not doing the basics of real estate and the team leaders are sort of sheepish about it.

If you had even more courage, what would you stop doing right now? What would you start doing? I had a call earlier today with a board room member and really challenged him on this. For him it was an overhead, worrying about some overhead he was trying to cover with one effort and he wasn’t putting as much focus into a potentially more profitable situation.

Either print this out, or these are fillable PDFs, and I want you to go through all of the sessions. Where does courage come from? How do we start to gain more confidence and courage in our lives? The answers lie not only in moments of crisis, but in how we live each day of our lives. Consider the concepts below and respond to the questions. So, first off, it’s an awareness of what we fear.

Awareness of What We Fear

Outside of fears for physical health in dangerous situations, what we most often fear are three things. First, we fear loss pain - that by changing or advancing in our lives we will lose something important to us. Second, we fear process pain - that the mere act or process of changing will be too hard for us. Third, we fear outcome pain - that all the effort we put into changing may not lead to a better outcome in our lives, that the “grass might not be greener.”

First part of this is think of a change you have avoided making or a dream you have not moved towards, and complete the sentences below for greater insight. Ask yourself, “I haven’t changed or chased my dreams with more courage and commitment because I’m afraid I might lose what?”  “I haven’t changed or chased my dreams with more courage or commitment because I’m afraid the process might bring these hardships in my life…”  The last part is “I haven’t changed because I’m afraid that despite all the effort the outcome might be not-so-good and I could end up…”

What are the loss pains, process pains, and outcome pains around something you’ve avoided chasing and something you’ve not moved toward? When I overcome all my fears and have the courage to take action and improve, my life will be different in this way…

For some of you, it could be the commitment to build a business. This is something that the industry is not doing. There are not a lot of folks like you that are building sustainable businesses in real estate. I mean like real businesses, not just doing 100 or 200 sides and you have to show up every day. We’re gonna do that and plus it and build something that’s truly sustainable and you can be the owner of. What are all your fears around that?

Expressing our real thoughts, feelings, and ambitions to others.

It takes courage to tell the world what you’re about and how you’re thinking. Doing it more consistently will forge a stronger confidence in your heart and social world.

Consistently creating and responding to challenges in our lives by taking action.

A person of action develops a sure sense of who he or she is and is also more likely to be bold and resilient in tackling life’s major challenges. Commit today to taking a few bold leaps forward in your life.

If you did nothing else on this call, I’m requiring you to do this part. Three areas I’m going to take more bold action in in the next 60 days are, and here’s what I’m going to do. Could it be in your relationship with your spouse, with your children, your faith, your health, your business? What are the three areas you’re going to take bold action in in the next 60 days and what are you going to do? Write those down.

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