When is the Right Time to Hire an ISA?


I want to quickly talk about inside sales. It felt like it was a little worse last year, where everyone was offshoring their inside sales and even if they were a solo agent they were getting an inside sales person. In my opinion, you want to leverage yourself completely before your hire someone to make calls and that includes having an admin and having four to five buyer’s agents. I still believe that’s the formula. Yeah, you could bring in buyer agents and have them spend three to six months just in inside sales to cut their teeth. To have that, to have that inside sales be your 8-11am time block every morning, where you’re giving them structure and accountability, that sales are happening as a result of that. 

I said three to four here but I really think four to five is the right number. When you have four to five productive agents, you are doing eight to 10 sales outside of your own production every month. If you’re doing three or four sales per month, that’s 12 sales a month on average. I think that’s when you need an inside sales person.

You can do it before that and it will work, but you're just training your agents to have bad habits and not lead generate for themselves. Team leaders think, “Well if I teach my agents how to lead generate, they’re going to leave and do it on their own. They don’t have the capacity to hold themselves accountable; that’s the whole reason they are going to be successful on your team. They don’t have the mental capability to realize a $1,500 a month platform that they can do that on their own.

Ultimately, if you can master this lead generation conversion management, you control the game. There’s all the accountability metrics and measures in place. Daily tracking; we’ve got the daily tracking on the 16 measures in KDNA, and we have the same for our ISAs as well.

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