How to Write Ads That Generate Leads

If there’s one thing that is of primary concern for a real estate agent, it’s how to generate better quality leads and lots more of them. The key to doing this is to learn how to step up your real estate marketing strategies in a way that focuses on the targeted prospect, not you. Learn how to write the very best ads and headlines and make it practically impossible for your target prospect to resist  wanting more info and reaching out to you directly.

Make your prospect an offer they can’t refuse.

Any expert when it comes to real estate marketing strategies will tell you that in order to successfully generate interest from a prospect, you must make what your offering appealing to the market you’re looking to reach. A standard ad that simply lists the square footage and number of bedrooms isn’t going to have the desired effect. However, an ad that advertises, say “Luxury Homes in Distress” will do just that. At the very least, you’re going to get curious people clicking on that ad to find out more and each click is a potential lead.

Write headlines that will get noticed.

The attention span of your average web surfer in this day and age is only a few seconds, so it’s important that you grab their attention and make them take notice right away. This means writing headlines that help your ad stand out in a sea of other ads. Create curiosity and tell your prospect what they have to gain by clicking on your ad. If you’re looking to target first time buyers, or luxury buyers looking to live by the lake, or an opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind bank owned property, write that explicitly in your headline. Generating curiosity inspires customers to take action and take the next step.

Make it easy for your prospect to take action.

Just as people online don’t have much patience for reading through long, boring property descriptions that drag on and on, they also aren’t willing to go to a lot of trouble to act on the offer you’re presenting. The easier you can make it for them to get the information you offered, the more likely your target is going to be to actually do that. Always use strong calls to action that encourage the prospect to take action but do it  in a non-threatening way.

Practice makes perfect.

It’s true what they say. Practice really does make perfect, so take the time to sit down and write some sample ads that cover all of the above real estate internet marketing criteria. Really ask yourself how you can appeal to target market you’re looking to reach. Tell the customer right up front what’s in it for them if they take action. At the end of the day, real estate marketing strategies that work are all about targeting your message so well that it draws in prospects by the dozens. Good luck with these real estate marketing tips.....go take action today!

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