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Getting excited about next week's webinar on time management and personal productivity.  I wanted to share an email I received from an absolute legend in real estate coaching, he runs one of the most reputable real estate coaching organizations in the country, just an awesome guy, with a servant's heart.  Even though he takes a few jabs at me in his email, I take it as a compliment.  My approach to real estate is very different than anything this industry has seen so I don't expect everyone to agree with it...but to call it stupid, well, not sure I would have used those words but maybe he will come on the webinar to find out for himself what I'm doing differently than everyone else.


Here is some of what he said in his email (oh yeah, by the way, the webinar is FREE, all educational, just awesome content!). 

This is direct from his email...

"I received an email from somebody trying to sell me a ticket to their seminar (these are always interesting for me to receive). I want to read you the headline of the email, because I thought it was interesting and, honestly, quite hard to believe ... if not, simply stupid. The seminar leader says, "You will learn personal productivity secrets from someone who sold over 300 homes last year without meeting with a single client, working only 1 day per week. The sad part about that particular seminar ... it will probably sell out in a matter of minutes. I'm not saying that agents aren't very smart, because we know that you are, and I'm not saying that agents aren't the brightest bulbs in the pack, because I know you are smart people ... however, does anybody actually believe that you can sell 300 homes a year and never actually meet with a prospect, and do it working one day per week??? If you believe that, I have some land down in Florida near Alligator Alley that I'd love to sell you, and I can give you a good price."

Wow, I thought to myself, harsh words from a guy that knows nothing about my business.  But then I thought...well I guess it is pretty hard to believe, sometimes I can't believe it myself.  So come find out what upset this coaching legend so much.  I would never disrespect anyone so that's not what my email is about (and like I said, I take the stupid comment as a compliment).  Especially this particular coach because he is absolutely awesome at what he teaches and has helped tens of thousands of agents under his tutelage.  


But I decided to take a different path...to build a business that is sustainable and not dependent on my personal efforts.  Yes, it's true, I don't have any clients personally and I only go in on Tue for a team meeting...and I have a very profitable business.  I don't prospect everyday for 4-5 hours or door knock...and I don't get caught up in the drama of my clients' lives like most agents (because I have a team of specialists that do that for me).  And I am able to spend time whenever I want with my family....or helping all of you (which I love!).  So instead of calling my approach stupid or hard to believe, I'd rather have all of you come on and find out for yourself.  

In the webinar, I will give you a quick overview of my business, where I've been, where I am today, what worked, what didn't work and how I managed my time along the way to ultimately build a self managed team that runs without much input from me.  This approach isn't for everyone but if you want a better life for yourself and your family and you want to stop working nights and weekends, going from deal to deal, then you don't want to miss this webinar...or future webinars as well.

Before you go buy any property in FL, come join me on this webinar and find out for yourself if I am legit or not....


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