Q&A MEMBERS CALL: Building Rapport for Maximum Sales Success

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According to Tony Robbins, the key to good salesmanship is to build rapport with your sellers, to dig deep and find their big "Why". In this excerpt from our recent Q&A Members we discuss the best tactics and strategies for finding the true motivations behind your sellers so you can deliver them what they need - not necessarily what they claim to want.

The danger of having so many listing appointments is that they can become routine, and they stop digging for information beyond what is absolutely necessary. Your team may fail to find the deeper meaning behind what this move is going to mean to a potential seller.

It drives my team crazy when I share this example, but I love telling this story. I went out and got a guy on the phone back when I was still listing homes. He was an older guy with a "D" personality, and his home had recently expired at $800,000 when he responded to one of my mailers. As I was speaking to him on the phone, he was very, very stubborn in his refusal to list his home at anything less than that $800,000 mark.

When we got together, I sat down with him, and built rapport with him to the point where he felt comfortable answering some very personal questions from me about his motivations for selling the home. He eventually shared with me that he wasn't in great health, and he probably wasn't going to be around in a year or two. His big "why", it turned out, was to get his home sold and to get his wife comfortably into the next place.

Once I knew that, it made it really easy for me to help him price his home. It wasn't a tactic or a strategy or anything like that. He was a sharp guy, he went to Harvard Business School, he had owned several businesses, but once I had that information, it was game over. I was able to price his home at $600,000, and we agreed on an offer at $525,000. I helped him realize that in the grand scheme of things, this was enough to take care of his wife and to get him what he truly needed.

I was able to reach this level of trust with this seller had nothing to do with scripts or tactics or anything like that. The reason I could have these kinds of candid conversations with him is because I took the time to sit down with him, to build rapport, and to really get to know him and his motivations.

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