Q&A MEMBERS CALL: "What's the Best Method to Track and Analyze Call Data?"


Daniel says, "I'm using Ifbyphone, but I haven't really gotten the process down to analyze our results. How often do you visit the results, and what do you look at exactly?"

Let me pull up Ifbyphone and show you the three reports I use. In Ifbyphone, there are reports that you can run and just look at, but then you can also schedule reports. So now we have 3 reports set up.

Daily Call Detail Report

I do a Daily Call Detail Report, so I'll demonstrate that. We'll look at a one-day range. We do all data and inbound calls; we don't do any outbound calls or click. We don't do it by phone number. We show duration details, and we show recordings. We don't include lookup data and we do show all activity.

We have this report that you see here emailed to my sales manager and my buyer ISA. They can see that my buyer ISA is looking at the yard sign calls, and they're looking at things like Talk Minutes. Some of these stats mean something to someone other than me. It shows the number it was transferred to. It shows all actions for the call, so you can read here that it went to the call distributor, inside sales, and which number it transferred to. But you can also just play the recording. The calls are recording from the moment it transfers, so you can actually here people talking while the phone is ringing.

With FSBO Mailings, my Sales Manager who does my seller calls that come in, she answers those call. So here's a FSBO Mailing, here's a seller call that came in from my Real Launch site. So every day my Sales Manager and my Buyer ISA get this call report. If they miss a call, worst case they're looking at it the next day. That's one report.

Inbound Call Summary

The next report, I do a monthly Inbound Call Summary. So I set the range for a month, and run it for all campaigns. It's just a simple report of the calls that came in. VoicePad you can see kills it for me at 74, our Yard Sign Expired is at 11, radio is at 11. Our Expired pull the same as our radio does, which is just so cool. I get this report once a month - that's number two.

Call Distribution Report

Number three is the Call Distributor Agent Report, so let's run that and see how awesome my agents are. This is a simple report it does. So for my agents, it tracks Busy, Call Disconnected, Connected, No Answer, and I look at the total. That's the report I just added that I wasn't doing, so those are the three reports.

Inbound Call Summary is the top level and Call Detail Report is daily, so every call that comes in on anything you do every day you need to make sure that call was handled properly. That's the sort of stuff that's not sexy but will triple your business. By having someone make sure every call is responded to and handled properly every day, even if it's you to start, is a game changer. Nothing sexy about it, but it's a game changer.

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