COACHING TIP: Grade Yourself on These Personal and Professional Focus Areas


There are 2 versions of this worksheet - the life version and the business version. It's six areas of focus in your personal life and six areas in your business. This exercise is grading yourself in 6 areas personal and 6 areas professional. Looking at the sheet, it's 0 percent in the middle, if you're awful at that thing, give yourself a 1 or a 2, and just go through the six areas and grade yourself on them.

Business Areas of Focus

The business areas could really be anything, but sales is obvious. It's the sales process, it's lead generating, it's those conversations. When you're getting together face-to-face are your agents giving the same presentation every time?  After sales, it's marketing. Do you have consistent buyer leads coming in? Do you have consistent seller leads coming in? Are you doing USP based direct response marketing? How well are you using some of the basic fundamentals that we've learned?

Financial in the business, are you sufficiently monitoring your financials - the 90 day cash flow, the monthly forecast, and ROI? Same with tracking and accountability for your team, that one's obvious. Leadership - are there areas where you know you need to step up as a leader and you're just not doing it? Are your agents sort of holding you hostage, or are you running the show?

And then recruiting. I don't think there's anyone in here who shouldn't be, if not actively recruiting, at least thinking about it. Do you have a consistent flow of people who want to come join your team. I'm realizing that's a huge leverage point on my team. My team knows I am recruiting. Most professional sports teams have a farm system and are always looking for new talent, and it keeps everyone at the top level improving their skills.

Personal Areas of Focus

Physical, there are 4 key areas there - rest, hydration, diet, and fitness. Under emotional, this is a tough journey that you're on, but how are you doing emotionally? Are you stressed all the time, or are you enjoying the ride? Grade yourself there.

Financial, probably the number one measure there is your net worth. Is it positive? Is it where you want it to be? Family - when you're with your family, are you present? Are you present with your kids? Are you on Facebook or on your phone, or are you actively present with your wife or husband?

For spiritual, even if you're not of faith, do you have some sort of connection with something greater than yourself. It's a pretty lonely existence to not have that. And finally, your career ties into the business, but how do you think you're doing in your business life overall?

Connecting the Dots

Just put a little tick mark as you're evaluating each area, If you're a 1 put a line down low, if you're a 9 put a line up high. Just estimate where you are with it, and afterwords you're going to connect the dots with straight lines.

The whole point is if you're kicking ass in everything you've got a circle. You're going to be able to run pretty fast. If you're a 10 in your career, but you're family life or your health aren't where they should be, I promise you that 10 isn't going to make up for the 2 and the 3 in those other areas.

The goal is for this to be a graphical representation for you of what your life looks like and what your business looks like. It's a snapshot for now, and when you revisit this 6-12 months from now, if you're honest with yourself, in what areas you need to put more effort.

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