B-SCHOOL COACHING CALL: Do You Have the Proper Recruiting Systems in Place?


The only thing I want to cover on the DISC is a little bit on the process. So this is the overview of the recruiting process. I see some of what you're posting on Facebook, and I just want to make sure we've got the process down. 

Recruiting Blog and Online Assessment

You should have a page to send people to. I haven't done a great job with my blog lately, but if you're using Vyral, Frank will give you a free recruiting blog, where twice a month you can send out an email to every agent in your market serving them somehow. I sent out my "Dominate Your Day, Win Your Week" to every agent in my market. I think there's a lot of value in that. The Positive Focus, the Top 6, and Notes/Insights for the Day, so that was the last update that I made.

You can put a page on here. I just put it on my Boomtown site, and most of you can copy most of this. The links, the 3 steps to get started. Some of you picked on the questions. "What animal would you be?" There's some psychology in that. It's a disarming question and it gets some interesting comments, so I wouldn't over think some of this. Or you can take it out and put whatever you want in there.

For the online assessment, what I suggest 99% of you do is just use Tony Robbins DISC assessment. Just go to www.TonyRobbins.com, and have them take that assessment and send those to you. That works pretty well.

So that's the process. You need to have a page to send everyone to. Recruiting ads, those are in the Google Drive as well. Recruiting site. The only thing I would consider adding here to this page is a link to the online application. So in your Google Drive you have the online application if you look at Tracking Tools > Agent and Staff Application. So this is just a form, and if you click on "Go to Live Form" you can send people to an online application.

But just have a formal structure in place because you're never going to not be recruiting. You can just look at DISC really for admin and sales positions. Definitely do a 5 to 10 minute phone conversation. Don't meet with anyone unless you get them on the phone. You can eliminate half of people juset by having a quick conversation with them.

One Quick Phone Call to Eliminate Candidates

That conversation is a quick phone call saying, "Hey, I took a look at your resume and your personality profile. I appreciate you sending that in. Real briefly, 60 second description of the opportunity. We're a super busy real estate team with an overflow of leads, opportunities, and appointments that we can't get to. So there's the opportunity to come in on our team and earn a six-figure income. More than that is possible if you're a good fit. The purpose of this phone call is a quick 5-minute conversation to make sure a longer meeting makes sense. So if things feel right at the end of this conversation we'll get together in office and spend 45 to 60 minutes to get to know each other and explore the opportunity.

"So in the context of the opportunity I just described, tell me about your experience and how you think you might come into our team and really do well, adding a ton of value?"

Then let them talk for three or four minutes, and then say "Thank you, but I'm not hearing a good fit. I'm not hearing top producer." That's from Chet Holmes. If you're really not hearing that, then say it and let them respond. If they wimp out, then don't meet with them. If they step up and tell you you must be deaf, then you might want to consider meeting with them.

And for people who had a great answer and are super energetic, if they can talk about their experience and how they've done well in the past, and it feels good, say, "Great, let's get together. What's your schedule look like?" So that's the process.

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