COACHING TIP: Stop Chasing Squirrels - How to Increase Sales By Spending Less


I find myself saying a lot, "Go deep, not wide." When I get on the phone with someone doing 75 to 100 sides, I tend to find they're doing a bunch of things that are all producing a little bit, instead of just figuring out one thing.

If someone has Boomtown, but they're doing 10 other things and they're considering adding the next thing, asking "Should I add Commissions Inc?" I'll say, "Just give me your Boomtown login. Let's check out your Boomtown to see what that looks like before we add the next thing."

Go Deep, Not Wide

Who's doing more than 12 sides with online seller home evals? For me to even think about going down that path, in my mind I'm thinking it's got to be, in a couple years, 40, 50, 60 sides. So it was a big deal, because I trust Kerby and he's the master, for me to do something like Discover Pubs. I knew that going down that path, it would probably be a tough year to get that started. But I know that could be a 60, 70, 80 homes a year pillar for us.

That's how my mind works with things. Not everything I have is 40, 50, 60 sides, but I know that it has potential to be. Even my Boomtown this year is not crushing it for me, but I know we could do double. Now that I'm back in there and looking at it every week with the agents, I know we can do 50% more next year with less spent.

Proven Results

Mostly, it's finding someone else that's done it. That's really the number one criterion for me. I'm never going to be the first person that does anything. I tried online seller home evals. I tried off shoring Buyer ISAs, and it just wasn't worth the effort to me.

There was a thread on Facebook where there was one guy that was saying, "Online seller home eval is the thing to do. I generated 17,000 leads in the last 26 days." I pushed him hard, saying, "Just tell me about conversations, appointments, listings taken, and closings." And it was totally vague. You could tell he had no idea. At the end of it I think he said he took a couple listings. But I'm pretty sure he may not have taken a couple listings.

A lot of these conferences will get you on this path. We're all entrepreneurs, so we think all these new things look really cool. My conversation about the CRM was, "Make sure you're doing it for the right reasons." With Top Producer, it's just a tool agents like to hate. It's not as slick as other tools out there. Yeah, Kerby and Cristina are crushing it with Infusionsoft, but I promise you that's not the answer to everything.

The point here is there's a lot of stuff that's thrown at us, and we have a lot of money to spend. We need to make sure we're operating like this as a business. It doesn't matter what it is, if you've got something getting 2 sales for you, and you're not optimizing tools that have more potential, many more sales will come from optimizing what has been proven to work.

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