Q&A MEMBERS CALL: How Long Does It Take to Get All the Right Systems in Place?


Mike asks, "In a not so perfect world, what is the time it should take to implement your entire business system, and what do you think the daily/weekly time block needs to be? I feel like I'm running behind and am flying from the back seat of the airplane due to hands-on transaction work I'm doing."

There are a few things here, and there's no way I could come close to answering this question for everybody. But I'll give a few things I'm seeing in terms of having good success and some people that are maybe a little slower.

The one comment I'll make is that you can't compare yourself to anyone else. So if you see people moving faster, remember you don't know their whole story. I wouldn't worry about where you are relative to other people.

High "I"s Implementing Systems

But also you're trying to implement at least 3 or 4 years of stuff I've been implementing in my business, and you're trying to do it in 12 months. That's pretty much what I think if you focused on everything, and had some admin help, that's the key too. A lot of you are high "I" personalities trying to implement systems. That's generally a little bit of a recipe for disaster, so it may be frustrating for you.

I would time block every day to work on systems in your business. But the number one thing to focus on is getting new business and getting sales. You've got to get sales no matter what. You can't have a slow down of production, especially if your team depends on your production for you to be profitable.

It's the kind of thing that sometimes you'll have more time to dedicate on it. At least 60 minutes a day. If you did 60 minutes a day of business system implementation type stuff - including recruiting, the buyer system, the listing system, working on some of the marketing, collateral that you'll need, the lead generation systems you'll have to put in place, and letting those get up and running and sticking with them - it's a 12 month process. 12-18 months to get all that up and running and implemented.

Getting There in Half the Time

My goal is to help someone that came in as a busy agent - say you're selling 30-50 homes - to get you where it took me 6 full years to get there, to get you there in half the time. If you're able to focus and consistently work on those things, it's a 12-18 month implementation. Then 12-18 months getting the systems up and running, getting the agents up and running and productive. So to go from the 50 sides to 250 to 300 sides in a 3 to 4 year period if everything works out perfectly.

All of you want it to happen in 6 months. So the frustrating part is I'm trying to end the vicious cycle of chasing squirrels, which is really rampant in the real estate industry. I don't say that because it serves my approach, as much as it's just really, really bad. It is so bad how often people change approaches and redefine themselves. It's really a joke.

The systems that you put in place now will be in your business for years to come. That's the one thing is that you're going to struggle through a few weeks to put a yard marketing program in place, and some technology issue with Ifbyphone to get those ironed out, but those systems are going to give you a lot of closings - 40, 50 closings a year once you get your listing inventory ramped up.

There's really no good answer, but it's really longer than we all want it. We just want instant gratification. But the goal is to help you do what I've done in half the time, and probably save you a few hundred thousand dollars of directly wasted money that I've spent to get to where I am. If not half a million of stuff that I tried that is not in my business today that never needed to be in my business that was a distraction.

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