REAL ESTATE B-SCHOOL HIGHLIGHT: The 4 Technology Tools Every Real Estate Business Must Have


Let's get into Critical Technology Tools. I have 4 now that I use in my real estate business. These in my opinion are must-haves. It doesn't mean you need to go out and get them immediately today, but going back to the Marketing, Technology, People & Systems, this is a key leverage point in your business. I make it really, really simple.

The 4 Critical Technology Tools

Technology allows agents to get more done in less time with less effort. So, the four critical technology tools. For any business, a CRM, a customer relationship management system, is a way to manage your business. I think we're lucky that Top Producer provides a tool - some agents like to pick on it, and I'll get into the specifics of what they might be picking on.

The second Critical Technology Tool is a direct response website. My main buyer lead gen platform is Boomtown. I recently took on a Commissions Inc License as well - that's an awesome system. And then I have one other website, RealLaunch, which is working out well for our branded seller leads. It's a pretty nice direct response website. It's a little more imaged and branded, but it does the trick in terms of getting people to take action.

Google Apps for Business is a no-brainer and I'll go through why. Call tracking and reporting and call routing, I use It's the most robust and least expensive system out there.

Don't Overcomplicate This

Ultimately, these technology tools are not complicated and they're not expensive. Here is the area where there are lots of shiny objects and lots of squirrels to chase. You have to be really careful not to go down that path.

So Top Producer is the real estate CRM that I have close every single transaction I've done in real estate in. We continue to  manage this year over 400 transactions, knock on wood, that we'll get through this year that will be closed and managed in Top Producer. I think we're up to 1100 or 1200 closings.

Direct response website again, Boomtown, Commissions Inc. Google Apps for Business, the suite of products that you get there for the price you pay is ridiculous. Call tracking and routing through IfByPhone. So we'll spend a little bit of time on each of these.

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