HIGH PERFORMANCE COACHING CALL: Gaining the Respect of Your Team


The third part here is that the world's most influential people role model the way. We don't believe the message if we don't believe the messenger. What I have found working with some of you is that you're so ready to build the business part that you forget that in order to enlist and inspire agents and teammates to come around to you, you still have to be kicking ass. Abdicating inside sales is another area that I think is setting a bad example for your team.

Getting two ISAs off shore only because your agents are struggling to pick up the phone and do that consistently, I think that's a bad example to set. Unless you're doing it to increase or be additive to their business, and they're kicking ass and doing what they're supposed to do, I don't think you're modeling good behavior by doing that. I think you're rewarding them for not doing what they should be doing.

When I was in my business, I was kicking ass. I was growing the business, recruiting, doing advertising and marketing. I was the marketing guy, the financial guy, the recruiting guy. I was doing everything in my business, and I still sold double the amount of homes as agents alongside me. You've got to be able to stand in there and get things done so they can respect you.

Personal Accountability

Who you are, how you show up in life, the actions you take, and the values and principles you enact are closely watched by the world. So answer this question: If I'm going to be more influential with this group, they would need to believe I'm a person who...? So how do you need to show up differently? If you're going to inspire your buyer agents to be more and do more, and to show up in a different way, what would they have to believe about you?

Tracker sheets are great. They go with a quote that I really like: "Results are often harsh but fair." If your agents want to blame their results on you somehow, just say, "Let's go through your last four months of weekly trackers and let's just be honest. Did you make stuff happen in your business? Be honest."

Personal accountability is my number one pet peave. You're off my team if you start making excuses for why your business isn't what you want it to be.

The best parts of who I am that I will have to show and demonstrate to them are...? What would you have to show to your agents for them to lift up, rally around you, and sell 30 to 40 homes consistently. Every one of your agents. What would you have to show and demonstrate to your agents for them to be inspired. Write it in your notes.

The reason I'm willing to become a better person in order to serve my agents are...? What are the reasons you're willing to become a better person and show up differently for your agents or your team? Is it to help change their lives? To Help give their children a better life? What drives you to show up as a better person?

Why do you want to show up as a different version of yourself, a better version of yourself? It's easy to retract into being a solo agent, having a good living, and being in production for the next 20 years... Living the same year, being market driven, where if the market sucks, your business sucks, that's easy, right? Why are you willing to be a better person to serve your team.

Common Sense Is Not Common Practice

Some of this stuff is that common sense isn't common practice. Don't dismiss this stuff. Especially with your teams, there's a tendency to want to be liked. You're more "I" personality than I am, generally speaking. "I" personalities want to be liked, so this whole stepping up and influencing and accountability, it's uncomfortable for many of you. You've got to own it if you're going to have a different year next year and scale this thing, and really build out systems that are actually going to be used, right? You don't need systems if you're not going to build a team and scale your business.

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