B-SCHOOL COACHING CALL: How to Create the Perfect Listing Process


You should have a perfect process from when a lead comes in to you signing them as a client and asking for referrals. We don't have our Listing Agents make that first seller phone consultation. We kind of position them as the skilled surgeon that has an admin team that handles those details for them.

They do call before the appointment. They get the green sheet, the tax record, and if it expired or they were on the market before they get that information. They reach out and make a call a phone call. We have an appointment action plan that's launched in Top Producer. There's nine or ten things that we want to consistently happen within that plan, including an email from me.

We're in the process of changing that to a video email from me saying, "Hey, thanks so much for letting us come out to your property. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Here's what's going to happen at the appointment. We're going to take great care of you and do a great job to get you top dollar."

Pre-Listing Materials and Building Rapport

I wholeheartedly believe in pre-listing materials. If you're going on the appointments, you could make an argument for being strong enough to just go out and get the business. But when you replace yourself, and you commit to not doing any business, it's a different story. You want them to get a whole bunch of stuff about Lars, The Lars Group, how great the team is, and how many billions of homes they sell every year. How 100% of all their homes sell, how clients are giving them rave reviews, and all that good stuff.  I believe that additional leverage to give your listing specialist before the appointment does a lot.

Build rapport... that's obvious. One thing Mike Reece said that made it so much easier to do appointments - because I generally hated meeting with clients - was from the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People." He said every time he was just going out to meet with a friend. Or going out to make a friend.

I think that's a cool way to go into a house. You know you're prepared. You've got your equity evaluation, your high level market stats. You've got a killer marketing presentation. All your paperwork's in order. You've asked all the right questions going into it. They've received the pre listing packet. Everything's teed up for you. The whole process is set around you. You're just going to build rapport because that's going to be the person they go with, in addition to you dominating all these other areas.

Marketing Presentation and Paperwork

So bring two or three sources of high level market stats. We use Clarus Market Metrics. Our MLS also allows us to pull showing stats for different zip codes. That helps us with bracketing for pricing. The marketing presentation, you guys have access to that. When you are done with your marketing presentation, you ask the question: "Hey Mr. Seller, assuming we can agree on a commission structure and a pricing strategy, and based on what we discussed here, are you comfortable with us handling the sale of your property?"

If they yes, then you're literally opening your paperwork. Say, "Great, let's get started. This is some stuff I'll leave behind with you. Let me get information of how to get the appointment set up. Let me make sure I get a key." Then you start filling out the paperwork. That's how I did it and it worked very effectively.

Finally, I ask for referrals. So in our listing packets, we've got that prop. You'll start the referral giving process right there off the bat. 

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