COACHING TIP: Which Tasks Should You Take Off Your Plate?


I want to do a quick exercise, because this is going to free a lot of you from a lot of things. I want to go through what I call delegate or die. This was from, and I know Stacie went through it, Chalene Johnson's Smart Success. She's like the female version of Tony Horton. I went to one of her seminars.

"Delegate or Die"

We went through a process there called "Delegate or Die." Literally, if you're doing your laundry, I promise you shouldn't be doing that. If you're mowing your lawn, unless you're truly just in it, and it's your time to really make things happen in your mind, and you're really just one with the lawnmower... I promise you there's no reason why anyone should be mowing their lawn.

Get a blank piece of paper or just draw a line and start a new list. Write down all the things you do in your business and your personal life that you could possibly get off your plate forever.

Who gasped? Why, because there's a lot?

What's the Best Use of Your Time?

This is a cool exercise. The whole point of this is to free up maybe as much as 20 hours a week for some of you. So include stuff that you probably shouldn't be doing, stuff that you can delegate.

If you want to make a $500,000 a year and you're cleaning your house, unless you're passionate about cleaning, it's probably not the best use of your time. Write a long list.

It can be some scary things, too. How about checking your email? Maybe that's on everyone's list. Maybe it's scary, but could it be possibly for you not to check your email. I promise you you're not making the money you want to make checking your email.

It's just a thought - it could be really scary, so you're not gonna have to commit to everything. Just write everything down.

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