Q&A MEMBERS CALL: What Should Your Top 3 Focus Areas Be for 2015?


Chris says, "What are the top 3 things we should focus on in 2015?" That's a wide open question, and it depends on where you're at in your business. I think for everyone, I'll just go broad on it.

Make Sales Your Priority

New business development has to be the number 1 thing you're thinking about when you step into your business in the morning. "What am I going to do to bring in new business today? What's my team going to do? Am I holding them accountable?"

That has to be the number one focus. All the stuff is good, and there's stuff to work on, but if you're not focusing on sales all the time, your business is going to suffer. For years, for three or four years, that was my area of hyper-focus. All the time I was asking, "What did you sell? What did I sell? What did I list? Where do I need price reductions? Let's get commission checks." That's number 1 for everyone, all the time forever and always.

Bringing on New Talent

I feel like in most markets, recruiting has to be a focus for everyone. With markets getting a little bit better, it may become harder to recruit. Every market is different. But recruiting and bringing in new talent, I feel like that has to be a focus for every time always and forever. Forever is the key there. Once you get the recruiting system up and running, it's got to run forever.

I'm doing some work - I actually just hired a guy who is my next-level guy. He's going to be doing some work with me as a buyer agent to learn the buyer side and to build out a sales leadership platform, which you all will have access to. How do we take someone and systematically get them to turn out 3 to 4 deals per month.

We'll build out the whole platform of what to focus on and the planning for the weekly, quarterly, the annual planning that goes along with it. We'll be working on the training and having an onboarding process that's systemized. So hopefully by my Team-Building Intensive which is April 1st and 2nd, I'll have a version of that to share with you all.

Attracting vs. Chasing

Sales is number 1, recruiting is 2nd, then it's got to be marketing and lead generation. There's so much that comes down from that: lead generation, lead conversion, lead management, all the parts of that you need to optimize. But marketing - attracting versus chasing.

So sales, marketing, and recruiting. If those are your focus areas, you'll be fine. If you're doing all those things really well and sales are coming in and things are falling apart, then operations needs to be a focus, obviously. Systems are always in the background. How do you run things more smoothly with less people. Instead of throwing bodies at problems, how can you build out systems that solve those problems?

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