COACHING TIP: Key Points of Marketing Leverage to Achieve Incredible Results


I personally like marketing, but it has to come down to numbers. There's no spending money on anything unless it returns.

Key pillars, this is not overly complicated. Everyone has seen this. I do believe that some sort of lead generation platform is where you need to be. You need one of those platforms, where you're able to throw traffic at it, and it converts. It can track your conversion, and it's a numbers game, and it helps you attract agents.

Because agents do want leads. Some of these agents don't really know better. They don't realize it's easy to generate leads; they think it's really hard. For them, $1000 or $1500 a month for one of these lead gen systems is a ridiculous amount of money. They can't even fathom spending that. So if you can have them come on your team, and it's $8-$10 a lead, and you give them 30-40 leads a month, they can wrap their head around that. They'll see tremendous value - way more than you're actually giving them.

Enhance Your Yard Marketing

Yard marketing - I do believe in having three signs, giving the buyer an option in the front yard of a property. Who's not using three signs? Just going to three signs, I promise you your call volume will double. Having that solo sign with just the person on the front of the sign that they think is going to answer the phone when they call. Having Voicepad or some equivalent, a separate yard sign, and a second Every Day Open House sign.

Audience: I just want to give a testimonial to that. I brought on a new buyer's agent. She'd had a listing for 6 months on the market. I said, 'I won't take it over, but go put my two other signs up there.' She got a call within the first 3 days, and it's under contract because of that separate, ugly sign."

Yeah, it's ugly. Some of you try to make it prettier, but ugly or pretty, it works. It gives the buyers options. If you raised your hand that you don't do it, and you definitely can do it on 75% or more of your listings, that is a definite to do.

Effective and Dollar-Productive Farming

So farming, I've just lumped in expireds. I just have a belief that if we know someone is trying to sell their home, and we are trying to serve our market, do whatever you can to try to reach out to that person. It doesn't really matter what it is as long as it's effective and dollar-productive. I don't think you're legit if you're not reaching out to expireds.

I admit, I'm not doing a good job of calling expireds, but every expired within a certain mile radius above a certain price point in my market, the next day after they expired they're getting a piece of mail. Then they're getting 4 or 5 pieces after that. And we're testing the postcards now.

Same thing for FSBOs, and we just started the farm. I've been farming my neighborhood for a while. It's not the best neighborhood to farm, but I live there. We'll do 6 or 7 sides from my neighborhood, and hopefully the Discover Pub, once I add in all the ninja stuff.

Capitalizing on Raving Fans

Then Raving Fan Club. So 4 and 5 are about 40% of my business now. The only calls we do are an admin that calls around the two giveaways and the two client events. So they get 4 calls per year. Each of those gets two postcards. We do the Discover Pubs to my past clients in my sphere because it's a very easy thing to do. We send them a separate list and get charged $.25 more per copy, so it's still way cheaper than what I was doing. So for $.80, people now receive a full newspaper published by me.

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