HIGH PERFORMANCE COACHING CALL: How Your Psychology May Be Affecting Your Performance


The goal of mastering your psychology is to develop a consciously-directed, positively engaged mind. When I look back - take the last 6 or 7 years. Before that, it was even worse when it comes to my psychology. I was always so driven that I really forgot to enjoy the ride. You saw, if you went to the intensive in October, one of my categories I called "Enjoy the ride." Just to get my psychology straight to make sure I was feeling fulfilled, and not just achieving goals.

Going Deeper into High Performance Coaching

This session, we're going to go deeper. This is the first of 6 sessions that go deeper into the 6 pillars, and we're starting with psychology here. Obviously, that quote from Tony Robbins, that 80% of winning in business is psychology, and the world's highest performers have to master their mindset and their psychology.

Every one of the topics of High Performance is the most important topic, but the game of life and business is absolutely won in your mind.

We're going to go through a series of questions here. Really take some time, and I'm going to push you a little bit to participate. As you answer these questions, answer them in a workbook or a journal. But also go onto the question and share your answers, and I'll share them with the group. That'll make this interactive.

Adopting New Beliefs

If you could adopt a powerful and positive new belief or identity about yourself, what would it be? Maybe you kind of know what your limitations are right now when it comes to your psychology. If you were to create a powerful and positive new belief or identity about yourself, what would it be?

When I look back to being a producer, and before I started my team, I didn't know how to lead. I was insecure standing up in front of my group and telling them what they needed to do. The new belief or identity I would have adopted in my mind at that point would have been a leader that can truly enlist and inspire people.

What is it for you?

Do you ever find yourself focusing too much on negative thoughts or your faults? If so, when does that happen, and what are those thoughts and faults? How are they affecting you? How is that holding you back?

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