Welcome New Client Alan Kushmakov

Alan Kushmakov
(Glendale, AZ)
Alan, how did you hear about Lars?

I actually came across Lars about 4-5 months ago through one of the radio interviews he had done. I think it was Super Agents Live with Toby Salgado. I filled out a form on his website, and I reached out and had a conversation with him for about a half hour. That was about 2-3 months ago. At that time I was not really mentally ready, and I also had prior obligations with another coaching company that were in the process of finishing up with.

What ultimately made you reach out when you did?

This is my second year in the business. I did 16 sides last year. I'll do about 40 sides this year by myself. I'm pretty much busy 7 days a week nonstop. I've got a family. I've got a wife; I've got 3 little kids. Being close to being a top producer has its challenges. I'd like to spend more time with my family, with my kids. Honestly, about a year and a half ago or 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with some health issues. It's always in the back of my mind, "What if something happens where I can't go on every single day. Or I cannot make calls every day, or can't do showings or go on listing appointments every day? What happens then?"

I'd like to step away from a top producer business solely dependent on me. I want to build an actual business. And the business won't depend on me. It will have a structure in place, it will have systems in place, and have people in place that will help me to run this business more on a daily basis.

How do you hope do get to that point? What are the specific areas of focus you're hoping Lars can address in your business?

I would like to start implementing a lot of his systems, a lot of his processes. For me, I think organization, accountability, and tracking is critical for any successful business. Obviously, being in business and being profitable is also a very key component. I want to make sure, because I'm pretty much a brand new agent, I would like to start on the right side of things.

I would like to do it the right way from Day 1, as opposed to how some other agents would go through trial and error, or hire a bunch of agents or an assistant that doesn't work out. I just would like to follow his path, his proven systems, and ideally have a straight line as opposed to going up-and-down like some other agents.

How do you see Lars as different from some of your previous coaching?

I think he's more to the point. A lot of other coaches talk about silver bullets or shiny objects or chasing squirrels - a lot of different products. In the end it's not about all those products. It's about 4 or 5 critical components or Pillars. What I like also about Lars is that his systems are real-world, real business, real corporation types of systems. With tracking, with analysis, with return on investment for every marketing vehicle he's implemented.

For me, that's important. I want to know where my money's going. I want to know how much the return is on my investment. That's one of the key reasons why I decided to go with Lars. It's because of the systems, the tracking, and making sure that whatever I'm spending money on is actually making financial sense for me and for my business.

If we were here 3 years from now, would it it take for you to feel like you were successful with this program?

I'd really like to be in Lars's shows, honestly. Like I said, I've been in my business for about a year and a half now. In 3 years, I would like to step away from the business as much as possible, maybe spend 2 to 3 days tops in my business. I'll have the operations side, the sales side, listing partner, at least 5-6 highly productive buyer's agents. I'd like to do at least 200 transactions. I'd like my net profit to be between 35% and 40%.

Again, the key is to build a sustainable business that does not solely depend on me. That's what I'd like to avoid. I can be a top producer for the next 5 or 10 years, doing 60, 70, 100 deals a year. But if something happens or I'm not right, what happens then? Then business will come to a dead halt or stop. That's what I'd like to avoid.

I also would like to spend more time with my kids. My kids are young - 7, 4, and 3. I'd like to spend more time in the next 2 or 3 years instilling all the right values and raising them the right way.

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