Welcome New Client Justin Chaney

Justin Chaney
(Ashburn, VA)
Justin, how did you hear about Lars?

I first heard Lars when I was listening to a podcast, Super Agents Live with Toby Salgado. Toby was doing an interview with Lars, asking him about how he started, where he's at now, the kind of business he sets up. Lars had mentioned he's doing coaching nowadays so I decided I wanted to reach out to him.

Why did you ultimately reach out when you did?

I had decided a month or two ago that I was definitely going to be hiring a coach starting in 2015. I just hadn't decided who. So I interviewed about 8 coaches in total, with Lars being one of them.

Why did you decide on Lars?

I really liked that when I called to interview, I got to talk directly with the person I'd be working with - directly to Lars. There's only two organizations where I got to do that. Everybody else has a sales associate. With them, I had no idea what coach I'd have; that wouldn't be decided until after I signed up, did the whole process, and then they'd assign me a coach. So I really liked being able to talk directly with him.

The other reason I went with him, even though he was actually one of the more expensive ones I spoke with, he's done almost exactly what I want to do. Everybody else has done some sort of variation. Some people had some different methodologies. But I felt like his style and his methods worked with what I was looking to achieve the best.

Could you summarize where your business is at right now?

I'm a pretty new agent. I'm almost a year and a half in right now. I've actually been part of a team for about a year and a half. Our team E4Realty here in Northern Virginia outgrew the RE/MAX we were under. My team leader decided to split off, and he's actually becoming a broker now, which gave me more room.

I knew I eventually wanted to expand and start my own team, but - this is really great - he's allowed me to do it under his tutelage. He's been great as a leader, boss, mentor, etc. Now under the new brokerage, this gives me more room to expand and start my own team.

What specific areas are you hoping Lars can address in your business?

Accountability is nice, but I can set up accountability on my own. It seems like that's a lot of what the other coaches were offering. I can take care of that myself.

The main thing I'm looking for is the blueprint. I want the step-by-step plan. I want to talk to him and for him to tell me, "This week, these are the five things you need to worry about. And when you finish these, come see me." 

I've just learned so much information about real estate over the past year that it's paralysis by analysis. I just don't know what's important to do first, what needs to be done before what, is something else more important than another. Just where to set my priorities and how to time schedule that. I'm looking for that kind of guidance.

If it were 3 years down the road, what would have had to have happened for you to feel like you were successful with this program?

This year, I'd need to basically dominate it as a single agent and get my business started. 3 years from now, I'd like to be at the tipping point of being able to step out of the day-to-day operations. I'd like to have most of it running through systems so I can focus on other aspects.

Like I said, Lars is one of the more expensive ones, but one of the things that helped me choose him was he said he doesn't invest in anything unless he's going to get 10X the return back. If he has that kind of expectation in his investments, I expect I can hold him accountable for that same measure. So I expect I can get that same kind of return 10 times over.

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