B-SCHOOL COACHING CALL: How to Go Deep on Each Key Marketing Pillar


I'm going to go into the things that I do. I've organized this a little differently here just recently. But basically there's 4 main pillars.

Online Buyers

I do believe that, with 99.9% of buyers online, without a steady source of buyer internet leads coming in, you're going to be at a little bit of a disadvantage. That doesn't mean you need a high priced platform. You could do Zillow leads without the technology costs - that could be more affordable.

I've got clients that have a Market Leader site. We're directing Craigslist offers, universal direct-response offers to a Market Leader list of properties. So there's lots of things you can do that are low cost there. When you start to think about having a team, Commissions Inc is an awesome alternative. Boomtown - I love Boomtown, but they have just sold the crap out of their licenses, so it's a bit of a challenge to differentiate yourself, not that you need to with these platforms.

So that's pretty straightforward. In the stuff you have there's ways to do lead management properly. There is conversion, scripts, all that stuff. But generally the one category is buyer internet leads.

Yard Marketing

Second category is yard marketing. The thing there is 3 yard signs versus one. My call volume doubled when I went to three yard signs. There's the VoicePad Sign. The critical thing there is that it has to be a standalone VoicePad sign with the special script.

If you don't currently have VoicePad, it's my biggest return in my business. If I add the main yard sign and Every Day Open House, VoicePad pulls more than the other two combined on a monthly basis. When buyers get to my listing front yard, I believe they don't want to call the main yard sign. They either want info on the property, mostly just price, or they want to get into the property, which is the Every Day Open House.

That's one category. All of those signs are sent through Ifbyphone.com, and I'll show you that in a second and why we use that. For solo agents, you may not need Ifbyphone unless you're spending money on a lot of different things. So if you're testing different mailers, farming different neighborhoods, or using different websites, you're gonna want to make sure you know where your calls are coming from.


Expired, FSBOs, and a geographic farm - I now lump those together, I just call them farming. Either you're farming expireds, farming FSBOs, or farming your geographic area - including circle prospecting, Just Listed/Just Sold type activities.

Expired I believe is one of the lowest hanging fruits. I've never been the type to just crush it on the phone for four or five hours a day. We have someone calling and warming up leads for us now with moderate success, it's just a grind to work expireds. Sending out letters, we use the Hoss Pratt letters, getting that system up and running, we use RedX to manage that system. It does a really good job, very low cost, high return.

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