B-SCHOOL HIGHLIGHT: How to Run a Productive One-on-One Meeting


Running a productive one on one meeting. If any of you are consulting clients of mine, you've have a copy of this in your Dropbox. So we use this form here. Keely runs them - she does two a week, so they're monthly for our agents. We meet with our agents a little bit more frequently with our agents when we first bring them on, so she'll meet with them every week or every other week in addition to the onboarding process that I'll put them through.

30, 60, 90 Day Focus

Every time our agents meet they go through a 30, 60, 90 day, what they're focusing on, what they're looking forward to. The outcomes and milestones for that 30, 60, 90 days. 

Part of this is what they committed to on their last meeting, so they'll actually go through and at the end of every meeting they'll go through things they need to work on or address. We'll document those and they'll report on those coming into this on-on-one meeting here.

They'll talk about any insights they have that might be helpful. They also do a 10-point positive focus, so Go B-I-G, Begin in Gratitude. 10 awesome things that happened between this meeting and your meeting with me last month. Insights- things that they're learning about themselves, maybe with prospecting or call reluctance or whatnot. And then what do they need out of this meeting, what outcomes?

Keeping Your Agents Focused

And this is just a paper form that they fill out. It's double-sided, they just hand it to Keely in advance of their meeting with her. It works really, really well. You have the Word and the PDF version.

I highly recommend if you have a team, first of all you should be doing one on ones, and you have to have a tool like this that gets you both focused, and it makes your time with your agents most valuable.

So we do these monthly with our more seasoned senior agents. More often with our new agents. It helps agents focus more often on what's working/what's not working, what they need help with going forward. It keeps them engaged, so that's part of the value proposition that you offer as a team, as a rainmaker. It's your ability to mentor them and help them with their business and helpm them stay focused on the things that will earn them money.

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