COACHING TIP: How to Control Your Focus to Achieve Any Desired Outcome


The concept is what you focus on is what you feel. You just went through a whole event, where when you went through the Dickens exercise, you felt that process. You felt what it felt like and then let it go. It your mind what you focus on is what is reality.

That's why having this and always focusing on something that's better than where you are - I can't overestimate it. It's freaking important.

3 Negative Areas of Focus

In the absence of a plan, 3 areas consistently demand our focus.

1. Fear - You're going to do a lot that feels scary for you.

2. Pleasure - There's so many things now that just immediately satisfy your pleasures. It could be grabbing a cup of Starbucks. It could be jumping on Facebook. It could be zoning out and watching TV. Eating... binge-eating at nine, ten o'clock at night, that was sort of my thing for a while.

There's so many things that can just instantly get you in a pleasure zone.

3. Other people's demands. This is huge, especially if you have kids and a spouse. It feels like everyone is always picking at you. So what is your mission; what do you got to get done? When you have this plan, it's going to be crystal clear if you're in integrity with yourself. If you commit to improving one area of your life, then you go home and you blow it, it's not good.

Asking the Right Questions

So ask better questions in terms of controlling your focus. What am I looking to achieve? What do I really want? What's my result? This is straight OPA; Tony Robbins used to have Outcome, Purpose, and Action Item. And he changed it to REM - Result, Purpose, Massive Action Plan. In that order.

Because the result may not change. So you want to be financially and time-independent. So you want to be free financially and with your time. That's not gonna change, but the way you get there might change.

So it may be that you've got a real estate business. You could do some investment properties. You could do some coaching. There may be multiple parts of it, but the outcome is not changing. It's really helpful to frame everything that way.

So a Results-focused, Purpose-driven, Massive action plan will create certainty of knowing it's going to happen.

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