Q&A MEMBERS CALL: How Can I Get More Action on My Web Site?


The question is, "Our new Real Launch site went live about 3 months ago. I'm not getting any traction on this. We're using it on the radio and all of our mailing pieces. When you Google my team, it doesn't show up yet organically. I need suggestions to get more action on this site."

So, I don't do a ton of Google Analytics. I send everything to this site. Everything to this home page. I track everything, but I don't do a ton with Google Analytics. I have looked at it before to see how many people are landing here. We probably get one or two form-fills per day on this site.

It's not the kind of site where there's a whole lot of new content, or you're blogging on, that you'll expect a whole lot of organic traffic. I've tested pay per click to this site here - it's not been a great pay per click candidate for us either.

Tracking Inbound Calls

But if I go to my inbound call summary, and I pull up the last 60 days, that phone number on that site has 74 calls. So I do my radio to that site. 2 stations, so I added a second station. I do my expired letters to that site, I do my FSBO letters to that site. And they all have different web addresses. So i guess I could go in and do Google Analytics, but I don't have that dialed in. I don't think it's worth going that crazy on it.

But expired letters, I only have 7 calls in the last 60 days, but I know we send out a ton and there are a bunch of expired people in here, because we're doing really well with expireds. And we question them when they call in exactly how they heard of us. So we know, but it doesn't all show in here because this is sort of a slush fund.

Where Do You Want to Send Traffic?

So the question you all have to ask yourselves is, "Where do I want to send people when they ask for information on my services to help them sell their home. I don't believe a home eval site is where you want to send somebody on branded stuff. So Expired, FSBO, TV, and radio as well. Anything highly branded, you want people to go to a site like this.

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