COACHING TIP: Are You Cultivating a Culture of Success in Your Business?


I definitely have a culture in my company, and that was something that in the early years - not that I didn't trust that it mattered, but I really see it coming into play now. As I'm not there, it's kind of taking on a life of its own. When I went through this exercise, when I talk about building a vision that inspires people, it's mostly me - what inspires me, but through the lens of "What am I gonna do in my business?"

Creating Your Vision

It's got to be compelling to drive you and your team to push through the tough times. And you're gonna keep trudging through. It's got to be emotionally charged. If you struggle with the emotional part, you've got to get over it. It's not enough to go through the mechanics of doing this thing. There are going to be challenges you just never knew. Especially when new people get involved, it could be frustrating unless you know what the whole point is. And it's got to be specific and measurable.

What Is the Ultimate Result?

This is from a business perspective. I'm gonna give a couple minutes for each one. Write the questions so you can go back and fill it in if we don't get to it. We're gonna move through this pretty quickly.
  • What do you want to create in your business?
  • What do you see your business becoming?
  • What would you do for your customers?
  • What would your business look like?
  • What are you here to do?
  • What are you made for as a leader of your business?
That last one's a tricky question for some people. You bring different skills, and there's probably a dozen things required of the leader of a business. Some things you're good at; some things you're not. So what are you made for?

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