Q&A MEMBERS CALL: How Do You Onboard New Agents?


The question is, "Do you have a bootcamp for new buyer agents?"

I have mixed feelings on this. It's not so much that I think it's a bad idea as much as I personally wanted to be involved in onboarding new buyer agents. Most of you have seen the New Buyer Agent Training in the Google Drive. That's the exact process that we follow.

New Buyer Agent Training

Here's the exact training that we go through. It's in the 6th folder of your Google Drive. This is exactly what we do, and I'm involved in most of this. There's 6 sessions. If you're doing this and you're in the office every day, you should block out Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday for 2 weeks and 60-90 minutes and go through all this.

You're going to be doing scripts and dialogues and all of the things you see here. These are really the only things I could think of that someone would need to be really good at real estate.

Outside of this, we match them with a mentor on their team. So if you don't have that, you are the mentor. That's the part that sucks, and that's the part that most of you want to get rid of this responsibility for onboarding a buyer agent.

30-Day Fast Start Program

All that being said - so, the goal is 400 transactions this year. But we're taking everything we do - and we're pretty good to great at most of what we do, but there is a whole 'nother level of world class. We're developing a 30-Day Fast Start for new agents, and then a 90-day Coaching Program.

So to get them through the first 30 days is critical, and then the first 90 days as well. I'm gonna build it out in a way that's gonna be easy for you all to swipe and deploy it. Rob has done it in his business. I'm gonna use parts of that; he's kind of agreed to help me to build this out. He's been working on it for a long, long time.

We've done a lot of it. We do it when we bring a new agent on, and we get them up and running and successful very quickly. My hope is that it'll be something that you can plop into your Top Producer, you add a new agent, you launch an action plan, and they have someone they have to report back to in your business to let them know that they're working on these things.

We will be working on it. In lieu of that, it really comes down to lead conversion and lead management. Leads can be from their SOI, from past clients, from open houses, from yard sign calls, from old IVR leads, from old internet leads, from new internet leads. There's only so many sources of business you could possibly have.

It really has to be you that's leading that charge.

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