HIGH PERFORMANCE COACHING CALL: How Well Are You Tracking Your Crucial 1-Year Goals?


This is a tool that I use actively. It's really become one of my main planning tools. I've taken my categories of improvement, and I've put them on a one-pager. We sort of ran out of time for that at the end of October's High Performance Workshop in Charlotte.

1-Year Goals

If you look at the 1-Year Planner, that's this tool here. So I'll grab a link of that. This is a really cool tool that I've gotten a lot of mileage out of. Hopefully all of you should see that there. Basically, what I do is take your 10 most crucial one-year goals.

I was just actually going through mine here this morning. One of mine is a revenue target for coaching, 400 sides for The Lars Group, to run a marathon on October 5th at my wedding weight of 192 (which is about 18 lbs. less than I am right now), a goal of cash put into what I call my Money Machine, 8 family trips and 4 romantic getaways, give $100,000 to my church and outreach partners, deepen connection with Julie, be more Christ-like every day, eliminate buffer days. Do more concentrated work in fewer days (so work 4 days per week total), and then the sales leadership platform that I'm putting in place for The Lars Group (which you'll get a sneak peak of by April 1st and 2nd).

That's going to be world-class - the finished product will be something that the industry hasn't seen in terms of taking my team to another level, which I'm excited about.

So I've got all those here. I've got some emotion behind it. Why is this goal so important? Then just quarterly goals. Quarterly goals, actual result, a check or an 'X' if you made it. Second quarter goal, actual result.

Seeing the Big Picture

This is a cool tool that I use a few times a week to kind of look at my goals. I like the big picture of it. The personal categories and professional categories will feed right into this. So if you didn't do this, print this out on 11x17, and get it in and start using it.

This chart is in your Google Drive. It's just a nice 1-Pager for you to visually see what's going on with your goals. A good idea for any of you who are the plus up types, which I know there are a bunch of you out there, is put this on a big dry erase board. Send this to your printer and get them to make a 22x34 version of this. That would be awesome.

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