How Sean Hellman Will Match His 2014 Production in Half the Time

"Just this quarter alone, I've grown my business 25% from the previous quarter. By the end of the 2nd quarter of this year I'll match my 2014 production. A lot of people want to over complicate the real estate business. He makes it really easy."

Though Albuquerque Realtor Sean Hellman was exposed to great ideas from other real estate coaches, he never felt he had the tools put together a sustainable team. But after meeting Lars at a real estate conference and watching him grow his business from afar, Sean knew he'd found the "blueprint": how to build a solid foundation built on the basics of real estate.

"Before I hired Lars I was sitting right around 40-50 transactions," explains Sean, "but it seemed like I was always chasing the next deal. I was going through a lot of different buyer's agents. Since then I've been able to keep one, and we're now up to a team of five."

In order to build the foundation of his business, Sean knew he had to strip everything down in order to get it all right. He had a lot of the right tools, but with Lars's guidance he was able to go deep on what worked while getting rid of what didn't.

"He saw weaknesses on what I wasn't correctly implementing," says Sean. "That was something I learned right away, what he calls the 4 Pillars of building your business. I've taken all these concepts, really just trying to copy as much of what Lars did to build his business."

His results since joining the program speak for themselves.

"Just this quarter alone, I've grown my business 25% from the previous quarter. I believe that by the end of the 2nd quarter of this year I'll match my 2014 production."

Sean has benefited from everything from the added accountability to the 8-module B-School course that help him stay on track. But one unexpected benefit of the coaching program is the community built among others going through the same thing.

"The beauty of Lars's coaching business is everybody has the same building blocks, the same foundation. Our mastermind group on Facebook is awesome. I can learn things that other agents are doing within our community. You'll get some really good insight, and everybody's building their business pretty close to the same. That's one of the true values of being with Lars."

His experience at the Charlotte High Performance Intensive also helped him keep in perspective of what it means to be successful.

"Last year, I had a baby boy," says Sean. "For me, it's all about family, and Lars is huge on that. That's really what this business is for, so you have a higher quality of life. One of my big goals was just be home by 6pm every night and to have my cell phone left in my office so I 'm 100% there mentally and physically."

Sean's ultimate aspirations in the coming years include exiting the buyer side, have a listing side that runs like clockwork, and to dictate how and when he works.

"As far as quality of coaching programs that are out there, if there's somebody that has "it", it's definitely him. One thing Lars says a lot is, 'Real estate is not rocket science." A lot of people want to over complicate it and make it a really tough thing. He makes it really easy."

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