Why Bradley O'Mara Hired Lars Hedenborg

Bradley O'Mara
(Charleston, SC)
How did you hear about Lars?

It was from RE/MAX - Eddie Sturgeon.

What was the tipping point that made you reach out when you did?

Just getting the structures and the tools in place. In the last few weeks since starting the program, basically all the systems he's recommended, we've got about half of them in place already.

Describe where you're at with your business.

The team's been doing very well. Our biggest thing is bringing them up to speed on the systems. I've been giving them one new system a week. One new thing we did put into effect is I want to have 100 leads that each agent can work. That alone is gonna be a big game changer for us. Categorizing and really following up with them instead of letting them fall to the wayside.

What are some other focal points you're hoping Lars can address in your business?

Utilizing the systems in a correct manner - that's our hardest thing right now. We're trying to utilize how to set them up correctly, how to utilize them, how to train our agents to use them. That's our biggest hurdle we're hopping through right now but I know it takes time.

What made you decide that Lars was the right coach for you?

I wanted to go with someone who actually sells, not someone who just preaches it. Someone who's been through the hurdles, someone who knows the pain and the ins and outs. Not just someone who is good at talking and lecturing to get people signed up on their coaching program. And where you wouldn't just get passed around to other coaches that have been hired on by the main coach - hearing it second-hand, not first hand.

What does success with this program ultimately look like to you?

To have it sustain itself. Right now, I just look at myself as a referral generator for my agents. Not having to go to showing appointments, listing appointments, anything like that. Just really maintaining the business and growing it.

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