Welcome New Client Sharon Quataert

Sharon Quataert
(Rochester, NY)
How did you first hear about Lars?

Through Facebook.

Why did you reach out when you did?

The tagline, if you will, was compelling. I'm in a spot in my life where I'm trying to regain control of my personal and try to grow my business at the same time. So what he was describing spoke to me immediately.

Describe where your business is at right now.

This will be my 30th year selling real estate. My team has grown and plateaued at the $20 million mark for several years now. It's consuming far too much of my time and energy. So I need to learn some skills to leverage myself better and to help the business grow.

What are some focal points you're hoping Lars can address in your business right away?

Yes, I have a few. Adding to the team - I'm hoping to get some guidance on looking for the right people and do I need more people, and answering all of those unknowns. Growing the buyer side of the business and what strategies may be around that. Then figuring out what it is I can do to help gain my personal life back.

Have you done any real estate coaching in the past? What do you feel Lars is doing differently?

Yes, I have had real estate coaching in the past. No one else seems to be speaking about how to leverage yourself and work yourself out of the business. I've had plenty of coaching that will help grow my business and do more, but this appears to be more balanced.

What does success with this program ultimately look like to you?

It looks like growing the business to a point where it's providing a great life for the team members. And for me, actually gaining more personal time but doing more business.

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