Q&A MEMBERS CALL: Are Listing Appointments Always Worth Your Time?


"What do you do with buyer leads that have a home to sell or even sellers that are not sure if they can sell?

"Scenario: the lead wants to upgrade, but it depends on how much they can sell / net from their home sale. The last few appointments have led to the seller saying 'thanks for the great presentation or net sheet. We have to talk to a lender and get back to you.'

"I have a lot of these potential appointments coming up. What is the best way to approach these? My two main concerns are (1) not getting a signature at the listing appointment and (2) taking too much time at these appointments doing an equity evaluation and preparing a PPT and going to the house, etc."

Why You Should Meet Them

So the worst case is you go out and you make a friend. So you add someone to your database. I wouldn’t underestimate going out and meeting with someone. So the worst case, they’re going to see that holy cow! This guy is the real deal. You’re leaving a copy of your listing presentation behind. If they end up not doing something, hopefully they don’t go with somebody else. Hopefully you’ve won them even if they don’t do something.

So yeah, it’s definitely a time issue. And I’m not telling you to just blindly on each one. But that’s the first thing. You have to realize that you’re making a friend and a potential referral source. So if they don’t do something, they should go into your raving fan club and keep in contact with them and call them 4-6x a year.

They should get giveaways. They should be a client or a raving fan of your team even if they haven’t used you or done business with you. 

So the second part is just in reality if you have so much going on that you can’t afford to do those appointments, if you know it’s a 50-50 that they will even list at all, I think it comes down to qualifying questions. If you know that it’s going to be tight, I would just do a better job on qualifying, or maybe go a little deeper on qualifying questions.

Qualifying Questions

Ask them specifically, “what are you going to do if you can’t get this number?” Well then we definitely won’t sell.

You can push a little bit harder on qualifying questions. So maybe someone else is making the appointment. You’re following up before the appointment. “Hey, I know you guys are looking to trade up if the numbers work. I just want to get a little more clarity on your situation.” And just go deep on the qualifying questions.

Here’s the thing though. If they do something and you don’t go out on the appointment, you have a 0% chance of selling to them. So it’s tricky. We’re in a different situation. 

I mean Mike if you don’t have the time to do it, I think that’s one thing. We can do it because we’ve got listing agents that this is their job. But you just don’t know which ones are going to hit either. And people open up when you’re face to face.

So I think you’ve got to go on those appointments unless you’re going on 10-12 a week or your schedule is totally crazy. I think those connections are worth it.

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