Q&A MEMBERS CALL: Where Should You Look to Find New Agents?


"Where have you found most of your buyer agents?" The thing about that is that there is no single source. I know that's not what most of you want to hear.

Where I Found My Team

This guy was a past client of mine. A Craigslist ad was my top agent, John. Sharon was from a friend of mine that also bought a home from me, so that was like an SOI, like word of mouth. Laura was Craigslist, she responded to an inside sales position and she's just meant for outside sales. Jen, someone on my team brought her in. Randy was from someone on my that knew he was getting out of new home sales. Graham was a referral from an agent that I know in California. Chari was Craigslist, Kara knew Chari. Tia was Craigslist in the early days. Keith was someone that knew somebody on my team.

Other Recruiting Sources

Now, we are doing a little bit of radio recruiting advertising. I'm doing a lot of ZipRecruiter, which includes Craigslist. I'm going to be bringing on a recruiter, so I'm already paying a good amount for bringing the leads in, so i figured I'll get a recruiter involved. There's one in particular that has done this before in the new home sales space, that my newest agent knows personally.

Vendors also are a good source, so calling your vendors monthly. I haven't done much with Facebook. Another thing is the Vyral recruiting blog. That allows me to provide value to my market. It's www.realestatecareersincharlotte.blogspot.com. Every third post here, I went through a script last time. The one before that was a direct offer, "Double Your Income in 2015." Then we make the guarantee of $60,000 in the first 12 months of working with us.

Then I gave out the Dominate Your Day sheet. It's just a value add. Anyone that's with High Performance coaching with me gets a free recruiting blog with Vyral. I don't have any affiliate relationship with them other than we use them. And I believe in video marketing, and Frank is a marketing dork, and he's just adding more and more value if you truly embrace that system.

So all of those things, Leslie, running all at the same time.

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