B-SCHOOL COACHING CALL: How to Establish Authority on the Listing Side


Let’s go through the listing process and the thought process behind why we do things the way we do things.

In a perfect world, we’re trying to position the listing partner. But we don’t want you doing everything. Like the analogy of the doctor. When you go into a doctor’s office, if you’re seeing a specialist, the number one person for the thing that you’ve got a problem with, you don’t expect them to sit at the front desk, take your weight, do your blood pressure.

If it comes to surgery, you don’t expect them to do your anesthesia, you don’t expect them to get you prepped for surgery. In some advanced surgeries, they’re not even going to be there to open up the patient or sew them back up.

They’re just in there for the bit that they’re supremely qualified for. So that’s how we want to transition our listing partners.

And if you’re looking to transition out of listings and hiring a listing partner to replace you, you better make sure that you set up the system where you’re not doing more than your hands are scrubbed, you’re coming into the room to do your little bit. That’s the way we set it up.

And that’s the way I had it set up before I exited my listing business. In a perfect world, your authority is established via someone else doing the phone consultations. So the call comes in, or it’s your best friend who has their home to sell, or someone who is a referral to you.

"Hey, I’m going to get you over to Keely. She’s my assistant. And she’s going to get some more information about your property and get an appointment scheduled for us to get together."

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